Install Lantern for PC (VPN and more)


Looking for another or better VPN option? Try out Lantern. And in this quick tutorial article, we’ll show you how you can gets started using Lantern to navigate around the internet safely and privately on your desktop computer.

VPNs Generally

If you utilize free or public internet, it is a pretty standard recommendation that you take steps to protect yourself, your devices, and your data/browsing activity from those who might be trying to get access to it.


We always recommend that you only visit sites that have an SSL (shows https), and that you consider using a VPN.

It used to be that people considered those who used VPNs as “hackers” or people who were trying to hide their illegal activities. Nowadays, people use VPNs to protect themselves and their data.


VPNs generally shield your identifying information (IP address) and location. They also encrypt your activity and information by scrambling it up so that people who intercept it can’t get anything useful out of it.

Lantern VPN

Lantern is a great little VPN that has both free and premium options. People use it to protect themselves, but also to shield their information from services and apps which would seek to block them based upon their location.

Lantern can speed up your browsing experience, is super light and won’t take up much room on your phone, and users love that it works in my countries around the world which are notorious for overcoming VPNs (in Asia and the middle east, generally).


Using Lantern VPN for PC

To get started using Lantern VPN on your desktop or laptop computer, we recommend that you utilize an android emulator such as Bluestacks, NoxAppPlayer, or LDPlayer.

These emulators imitate the operating system Lantern needs to function on your desktop computer. Lantern is free to download and has an option for you to use it for free, so if you need to use it for limited activities (to protect yourself in specific areas) you can get away completely without having to invest anything to utilize it.

To get started, you just need to install your emulator, and then within the UI of the emulator, download and install the VPN.

From there you’ll be able to use the VPN and browse the internet in safety.

Wrap Up

Any questions about using Lantern VPN with an emulator? Let us know in the comments section below.

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