MIUI 10 Update Features and Guide To Download it for Xiaomi Smartphone


MIUI is an Android Based OS and MIUI 10 is the latest update released by Xiaomi recently. This update is quite amazing as it contain a lot of new features and customizations. You will be really amazed to use the new features of this latest update.

The latest update of Xiaomi MIUI 10 is concentrating on AI, performance and compatibility and a lot more features to reduce loading times of applications. It provide much user-friendly interface.


In this tutorial we will briefly describe the new features including by MIUI 10 and will guide you how to download and install it on your xiaomi devices. Just go through the full article and you will be able to update your xiaomi device to a new update called MIUI 10.

MIUI 10 update & features and guide to download and update your xiaomi devices


MIUI 10 brings a lot of new features, some of which are as follow:

New Recent screen:

The developers have made a lot of customizations in the User interface of this new update. The customized recent menu of this new update is quite amazing which display a recent menu window in a combination of current applications and currently running tasks in a vertical two rows with a thumbnail view.

Artificial Intelligence:


Well, xiaomi is concentrating on Ai in their devices and ROMs. Now, MIUI 10 update of Xiaomi include strong Ai support which brings a lot of comfort for users as they can access anything in much lesser time.

Full display Gestures:

MIUI 10 include Full display Gestures which brings a lot more cherish for its users. The display compatibility for this features is 18:9. This feature will be supported and will perform well on display size of 5.7 inches or larger. This feature of MIUI 10 will take over on traditional navigation buttons.

Follow the above steps to use the Full display gestures feature:

  • You can swipe from the bottom of the display to go to homescreen.
  • To open the recent menu, you need to swipe from the bottom of the display and hold.
  • If you want to go to the previous page, you need to swipe from the left or right edge.

Customize Volume Sliders & buttons:

MIUI 10 include the new customizations in Volume sliders & buttons. By pressing any Volume buttons, this feature will display the Volume sliders vertically at the right edge of the phonescreen. You will also see two buttons under Volume slider. The one button is “Silent” button and the other one is “settings” button from which you can access Full Volume menu.

This feature brings a lot more additions in its functions. This new customize feature has media, Ring & Alarm volume control along with silent & DND button. The function of silent & DND button will display the schedule option for you. To adjust the time for alarm, you can swipe horizontally.

User-defined AI portrait mode for Single camera:

Normally, a dual camera is needed for portrait mode to capture some stunning pictures. But every xiaomi device have not a dual camera. Most of them have single camera. Now, now worries for xiaomi users, the new MIUI 10 has got some extra-ordinary features one of which is Ai potrait mode for single camera feature. With this feature, they can now shoot portrait photos.

Due to Ai based technology, this feature help to capture portrait photos even on a single camera smartphone.

Methods To Download and install the MIUI 10 update on Xiaomi devices:

  • Download MIUI ROM file for your xiaomi smartphone.
  • Connect your smartphone to a computer via USB cable and copy the downloaded ROM file and paste it in the internal storage of your smartphone.
  • Go to settings of your phone and tap on About phone and then tap on System update. In System update window, you will see three dots icon at the top right corner of the screen. Tap on it and choose Update package and locate the ROM file you have transfer it to the internal storage of your phone before.
  • After that, your device will start the process of upgrading. Wait for the process to complete. When the process of upgrading completes, your device will automatically boot into the new version.

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