How to Output Audio Device To Multiples Devices in Windows 10


Mostly the Windows users have one or more than one audio output device which are connected to computer. Sometimes the user want to share the audio with someone so he needs multiple audio devices to be connected with the computer to share the audio.

Multiple audio device


When you connect more than one audio device to a computer sometime it doesn’t work and you will have to switch to one. When multiples devices are connected to a computer to share audio simultaneously, it wouldn’t be better to play the audio through all the devices connected to your computer so that you can listen to music.

On older version of windows you could do that by using Stereo Mix Option. In windows 10 Stereo Mix is not available. Alternatively you can enable it on windows 10 to share audio on multiple devices at same time.


How to Output Audio Device To Multiples Devices in Windows 10

In this tutorial we will show you how to share audio on multiples devices on windows. Simply follow the steps below.

  1. Open the start menu and search there for sound titled as “sound”
  2. After that click on speakers and then click on select Default to set it as default playback device.
  3. Then navigate to the recording devices and right click in the white area to show the disabled devices
  4. After that you will see the entries titles as “Wave Out Mix”, “Mono Mix” or “stereo Mix” right click on speific entry and enable it.
  5. After enabling the stereo mix right click again on it to set as Default device.
  6. Then double click on Wave Out Mix, Mono Mix or stereo Mix entry and navigate to the listen tab of the properties dialogue.
  7. search for the “Listen to this device” checkbox and check it, then open the “playback through this device” dropdown menu and select your audio output device from the menu.
  8. click on apply and then press Ok
  9. At last restart your computer.

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