Guide How To Delete Drive Partition in Windows 10

Guide To Fix windows 10 update error while installing

If you are running out of space for a drive and don’t to delete the files to free the space. Then don’t worry, you can delete any other partition to extend your drive which contain important data. You can delete all the partitions except the local C drive which is referred to as windows drive. In windows 10 to delete a drive partition, you can use disk management.

Guide To Allow Windows 10 Themes To Change Desktop Icons

Guide To Fix windows 10 update error while installing

Windows 10 is the best and popular operating system that include many features for its users. It allow the users to customize settings according to their need. In windows 10, you can also customize user interface according to your satisfaction.

Guide To Enable Verbose and Detailed Status Message in Windows 10

How To Enable Verbose Status message in window 10

Windows 10 provides the information and detail status of the system when the system shutdown, logon, logoff starts-up operations. This action of the windows 10 also referred to as verbose status message. In this tutorial we will show you how to enable this verbose status message. Just follow this guide and you are good to go.

Guide To Allow or Prevent Devices To Wake Computer in Windows 10

Whenever we are working on computer and suddenly we have to go somewhere, then we put our computer to sleep mode. So that, we can resume our work easily. It also save energy.You can wake up your computer through different devices such as mouse, keyboard etc. You can also customize the settings device for waking up computer which can prevent accidental waking up.