Solve Svchost.exe netsvcs Using High CPU and Memory Problem

Svchost.exe netsvcs Using High CPU Problem

When you run Windows PC, you would have noticed that of apps and services are running in the background. You can check these by going to your task manager. These hidden services can be regarded as silent soldiers because they are responsible for smooth operation of your Windows 10 desktop PC or laptop.

[Guide] Easily Install MovieBox on Windows 8 and 10 PC

MovieBox on Windows 8 and 10

As you can predict from its name, it is basically movies and TV shows streaming app which is available for free for iOS and Android. There are many other apps available too that lets you stream movies and TV shows online on your smartphone. However, none come close to MovieBox. The reason is number of movies and quality of video.

Fix Pokemon Duel Text Not Found Error and Server Down Issues

Fix Pokemon Duel Issues

Earlier this week, Nintendo released their second game of Pokemon which was named as Duel. Like its predecessor, Pokemon Duel has been annoying its users with different issues and most latest one is text not found error. Here we will cover some of the possible reasons behind this error and methods to fix it.

Download Pokemon Duel for Windows 8/10 PC and Laptop

Download Pokemon Duel for Windows

After huge success of Pokemon Go, Nintendo has released Pokemon Duel that promises to maintain the legacy of original Pokemon Go in terms of popularity. Though that will be decided later, but the first impressions and reviews of the game were quite promising.