Play CityVille Offline on Windows 10 Desktop and Laptop PC


Do you still remember CityVille? It was one of the most famous games by Zynga that allowed users to take control of a city as mayor. Originally made available online only on Facebook, users can now download offline version of Zynga CityVille for their Windows 10 desktop and laptop PCs.

Different people have different moods for games. Some like shooting games, some like sports games while other like strategy games like Farmville. Farmville was a trading game that gave piece of land along with farmers etc to work hard and buil up their own tycoon.


Based on legacy set forward by Farmville, Zynga back then, decided to release yet another game. This time they went with city developer and released CityVille. Instead of playing with farmers and cows and waiting for eggs, users in CityVille were given control of metropolitcan as a mayor. From controlling the property prices to managing cafes to increasing or decreasing taxes, you got every power you need to run the city and proceed in levels.

CityVille Offline on Windows 10


If you have been into Facebook games, you would know that Zynga has been leader of FB games. Like its previous games, CityVille is available for play at Facebook worldwide for free with in-game purchase options. Users can interact with their friends on Facebook too who play these games and sign trade deals etc. For example if you are short of hospitals or food, you can request your friend playing same game on Facebook and he can send you doctors from his CityVille empire.

How to Play CityVille Offline on Windows 10 Desktop and Laptop PC

To conclude, CityVille has been impressive so far but the drawback is that it is too addictive game. Also it requires an active internet connection to play it on Facebook. How better it would be to download CityVille for Windows 10 PC and play it offline? Certainly its great. Here is how to download and play CityVille offline on PC:

Gameroom for Windows PC is service by social media giant that allow you play FB games on desktop without logging to your Facebook account.


  1. Download Gameroon for PC.
  2. Launch it and then click on the search bar.
  3. Search for “CityVille” there. It will ask you for some details. Enter all the required data there.
  4. Start playing CityVille on your Windows PC offline and enjoy.

If you are facing any issue in CityVille for Windows 10 PC offline, do not forget to reach us so we can help out.

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