Tutorial On How To Prevent Outlook 2016 From Moving Emails To Junk Folder


Outlook is very popular nowadays and is usually provided along with Microsoft Office. The outlook include a good built-In Junk folder, where you can move the irrevelant emails. Sometimes, by default all the emails received to your outlook account is directly moved to junk files. Therefore, the users are unable to read their emails, as they are not notified because the emails are send automatically to junk folder.

In this tutorial, we will guide you how to fix this issue. Just follow this article and you are good to go.


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Methods To Prevent Outlook Moving Email To Junk Folder

Follow the below steps carefully:


Tutorial On How To Prevent Outlook 2016 From Moving Emails To Junk Folder

Step 1: Download and Run Reimage

You need to Download and then run Reimage to scan the corrupt and missing files. This application will find and fix the corrupt and hope so the issue will be fixed.

Step 2: Marking Spam Mail As “Not Junk/Spam”

1. Go to Junk E-mail Folder and then select the “email” you want mark as not junk.


2. Go back and then click on “Home” tab, you will see the “junk” option. Click on it and the select the “Not Junk” option.

3. Then again go to junk folder and one by one select the email and right click on it. From the “properties menu” select the “Junk” option and then click on “Not Junk”.

Step 3: How To Add Sender Email To The Trusted Sender List

1. You need to select the “email” you want to add the sender to trusted sender list.

2. Simply right click on it and then follow the path Junk-> Never Block Sender from the properties menu.

3. After doing this, you will be asked about your action. Simply click on “Yes” to confirm the action. Further no more emails from this email address will be filtered.

Step 4: How To Turn Off Automatic Filters

1. In Outlook interface, click on the Junk-> Junk E-mail Options located in the Home tab.

2. In the Junk Email option, click on the “option” tab.

3. In option tab, you will see the option “No Automatic Filtering. Mail from blocked senders is still moved to the junk E-mail folder”. Check it.

Step 5: How To Clear The Blocked Senders List

1. Click on the Junk-> Junk E-mail options.

2. In Junk Email option, click on the “Blocked Senders” tab.

3. In Blocked senders tab, select all the “email addresses” located in the email list box and then click on “Remove” button.

4. You will be asked about your action, click on “yes” button.

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