Search in Registry Editor in Windows 10 Build 14942


Microsoft has updated Windows few times in past years that weren’t minor ones, rather major updates. Apart from customizing the main user interface, Windows got overall user interface change, from start button to metro UI. If everything is checked in detail, we would get to know that almost all the stock Windows app have somehow got their share of update except one.

search in registry editor windows 10


Yes, you guessed it right. Windows registry is one of the editor that hasn’t received any major improvement or user interface update in latest Windows versions like Windows 8 and Windows 10. As per our understanding, the reason is that very little people use this feature in Windows.

To our surprise, in latest Windows 10 update, Microsoft added a small feature i.e search in registry editor. It means that now you can search for different entries or keys inside registry editor and edit them. This new feature is available in Windows 10 build 14942. If you are curious to about how to use this feature, go through the tutorial we have shared below:


Steps to Search in Registry Editor in Windows 10

  • Open the registry editor in Windows 10 from either start menu or using Windows key + R key.
  • Once it is opened, you will see a new top bar which will have Computer text by default. This is actually the search bar.
  • Just paste the location you want to go and press Enter. It will go to that location right away.

Let us know if there’s any issue with searching in registry editor in Windows 10.

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