Solve Svchost.exe netsvcs Using High CPU and Memory Problem


When you run Windows PC, you would have noticed that of apps and services are running in the background. You can check these by going to your task manager. These hidden services can be regarded as silent soldiers because they are responsible for smooth operation of your Windows 10 desktop PC or laptop.

Svchost.exe netsvcs Using High CPU Problem


Sometimes Windows 10 desktop and even laptop computers start to react quite slowly and gives lag. Mostly such issues are because of problem with any opened app. However, if you are still facing high CPU usage issue and in task manager, you see svchost.exe name process is eating up all your RAM and CPU, then do not worry. It is because we have found a working tip to help you solve svchost.exe or netsvcs problem of eating all memory and CPU usage in Windows 10.

Fix Svchost.exe Using High CPU and Memory Usage Problem in Windows 10

As svchost.exe is generic process and it is responsible for operation for lot of Windows 10 operation, so problem with any of such app causes issue with svchost.exe. There are two methods to solve svchost.exe high memory/CPU usage issue in Windows 10.


Method # 01: Download Windows Update Client

Mostly svchost.exe start using high CPU when there is Windows update failure. It can be easily solved. Follow below steps:

  1. Download Windows Update Client from Microsoft.
  2. Depending on the version of your Windows 10, select the appropriate one.
  3. Proceed with installation.
  4. Once done, restart your Windows 10 desktop computer or laptop.

If it is still there, try your luck with second method below.

Method # 02: Check if your Windows PC is virus Infected

If the issue still persists then your Windows 10 PC might be infected with virus. Remove it by follow below steps:


  1. Download any antivirus program.
  2. First update its database to latest version.
  3. Now run full PC scan of your Windows 10 PC. If it is asking for too much time, you can opt for scan of Windows 10 directory only.
  4. Restart your PC.

Hopefully the issue will be resolved after these steps. Let us know if you have any question related to svchost.exe high CPU usage problems.

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