Download Turbo VPN for PC Windows and Mac


Turbo VPN is a free VPN which allow user to unblock sites and develop a secure connection between your computer and a server. It offers you a privacy and secure connection when you enable the Turbo VPN proxy.

Turbo VPN


Turbo VPN is very popular free unlimited VPN which is  now also available for PC (Windows 8/10) and Mac. With Turbo VPN for PC Windows you can switch to any location to unblock sites and to get access to different sites.

Turbo VPN for PC Windows and Mac


VPNs are very popular right now due to the widely publicized instances of data theft that are being reported. Multiple instances of the loss of private and sensitive data of users (names, passwords, social security numbers, dates of birth, addresses, IP addresses, banking information and more) have left people feeling like they need to do more to protect themselves from hackers.

VPNs are a way that people can work to shield themselves, especially when they are utilizing the benefits of free and unprotected public wi-fi.

How to Install Turbo VPN for PC on Windows 8/10

So if you have decided to install Turbo VPN on your Windows 8/10 PC or Macbook Pro, you need to have some good Android emulator installed. We recommend to install Bluestacks (download latest version).


Once you have installed bluestacks, you can proceed with Turbo VPN apk and place it inside Android emulator.

Turbo VPN provide more privacy while browsing on internet. You should Download and install the Turbo VPN.

Key Features of Turbo VPN for PC

Key features of Turbo VPN include one tap to connect, ability to bypass firewalls and allowing you enjoy high speed VPN. The most important feature for Turbo VPN for PC and Mac is it gives un-metered bandwidth, yes free unlimited VPN.

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