Tutorial On How To Add or Remove Words in Spell Checking Dictionary in Windows 10


Spell Checking Dictionary is a built-in feature of windows which helps you to write correctly spelled words. Whenever you write the wrong word or misspell it, the program automatically highlights the word with a red-line underneath which indicates that the spelling of the word is incorrect.

Spell Check features help in improving your writing skills. Having the correct spelling in your documents, work files, and even in blog posts on the internet is very important. However, sometimes this feature highlights the word which is not misspelled but it is not recognized by your dictionary. To resolve this, you can also add it to dictionary by right clicking on it.


How add or remove words in spell checking dictionary in windows 10

Methods How To Add or Remove Words in Spell Checking Dictionary:

Step 1: First of All, you need to open the file explorer and in address bar type the following command:



Step 2: Now you will see the new window, where there will be two folders en-US and en-EN. Double click on the folder you want to make changes for dictionary.

Step 3: After that new window will appear where you will see “default.dic” folder. Double click on it and open with “Notepad”.


Step 4: Now simply add the words which you don’t want to be highlighted as misspelled by dictionary in future. You can also remove it from here.

Step 5: At last click on file and then save as to save the changes you have made and finally you are done.

Step 6: If you want to reset the spell checking dictionary, then simply navigate to the same address and delete the folder “default.dic”. Restart your computer and when you will add any word to dictionary, the “default.dic” folder will automatically created.

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