Unable to empty Recycle Bin after Windows 10 Creators Update


Windows 10 updates roll out quite often. Not long ago, Windows 10 received the creators update. As a new update rolls, some issues come along with it.

Unable to empty Recycle Bin after Windows 10 Creators update


If you cannot empty your recycle bin after this update, here are some tips on how to get rid of this issue.

Use CCleaner

CCleaner is a great app that is very easy to use and it removes all the unnecessary files from a system.


  1. Download CCleaner.
  2. Once downloaded and installed, open it.
  3. Go to the CCleaner menu from the right-side.
  4. Then under system section, select the ’empty recycle bin’ option.
  5. Then run CCleaner and wait for the process to complete.

Resetting Recycle Bin

If the previous fix does not work for you, follow this method.

  1. Right-click the start menu icon from the bottom left-side of the screen.
  2. Open Command Prompt (admin).
  3. Type the partition name of the drive in which windows is installed.
  4. In the case of windows installed in the C drive, type RD /S /Q (partition name):\$Recycle.bin? Restart your PC for the changes to take effect.

Fixing the Recycle Bin

  1. Open My Computer/This PC.
  2. Click on the options found on the top of this window.
  3. Then go to ‘change folder and search options’.
  4. Under View tab, enable the ‘show hidden files, folders and drives’ option.
  5. Disable the following options: Hide empty drives, Hide extensions for known file types, Hide protected operating system files(Recommended).
  6. Apply the settings.
  7. Now you have to go to the drive where the windows is installed.
  8. Find the $Recycle.bin folder and delete it.
  9. Once its deleted, restart your PC.
  10. You will see a new recycle bin on your desktop.
  11. Once again go to the folder options and enable the ‘hide protected operating system files’. Also disable ‘shoe hidden files’.
  12. Apply the changes and close this window.

We hope that after these methods, your problem is solved.


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