Guide To install VirtualBox Extension Pack & Enable USB 3.0


Virtual Box is one of the best software. The software offers many other functions by installing extension pack. You can also use USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 ports with your Virtual Machine. You can use the devices attached to those ports. There are many supporting virtual machines.

MacOS 10.14 Mojave A lot more to come, by installing extension pack, virtualization application support encryption, remote desktop protocol (RDP) and NVMe and PXE boot on intel cards. The virtual machine is remotely controlled by RDP without network connection.


In this tutorial, we will guide you through simple steps how to install extension pack. Simple follow this guide.

Guide To install VirtualBox Extension Pack & Enable USB 3.0


Methods To install VirtualBox Extension Pack

Follow the below steps to install extension pack:

Step 1: Download VirtualBox Extension pack

All you need is to download VirtualBox Extension pack. Just click on the link below to download the extension pack for VirtualBox.

Step 2: How To install Extension pack

Open the downloaded extension pack and proceed to install by clicking on install “button”. The installation wizard will guide you simply, just follow the wizard to start the installation process. Also accept the license term. Wait for the installation process to complete as it will take several minutes to complete and the extension pack will successfully install.


Methods To Enable USB 3.0 To Fix Mouse & Keyboard Problem on macOS

By enabling this feature, you will be able to perform many functions. You can use USB  2.0 and 3.0 ports. The device connected to these ports will work perfectly. You can also transfer files like photos, videos into your virtual machine even with faster speed. With this features, the data transfer speed will be faster.

Step 1: Click on the Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager to open, select the virtual machine for which you want to enable the USB port. Click on the “settings” Located at the top.

Step 2: In settings, locate the “USB” option to open the USB tab from the left pane. In USB tab, check the USB 3.0 controller and then click on “ADD” button and select your mouse which you want to connect and click on “OK” button.

All done, in this way you can connect your mouse or keyboard to your virtual machine.

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