Guide To Fix the Problem of Windows 10 Not Connecting To WiFi Automatically


The problem of WiFi not connecting automatically is very common in windows 10. Many users of windows 10 are facing this problem. Sometimes, this problem occurs due to upgrading your windows 10. The WiFi only connect to those networks which are remembered by users and not connect automatically when users tries manually to connect to them.

In this tutorial, we will guide you how to fix this problem. There are various solutions to fix this problem. Just follow this article.



Methods To Fix Problem Of WiFi Not Connecting Automatically

Follow the below steps to fix this problem:

windows 10



Repairing The Corrupt File

To repair the corrupted files, you need to download and install “Reimage Plus” application. This application will check the corrupted or missing files and will repair or recover it for you. You can download the application from the below link.

Guide To Fix the Problem of Windows 10 Not Connecting To WiFi Automatically

Forget WiFi Network & Reconnect to it

Step 1: Go to windows “settings”.


Step 2: Click on “Network & Internet” option.

Step 3: Click on WiFi and then click on “Manage Known Networks” in WiFi tab.

Step 4: Click on WiFi connection name, you want to forget and then right click on it and choose “Forget” option.

Step 5: After that, restart your computer and then click on WiFi icon.

Step 6: In WiFi tab, click on “manage known networks” and then click on your WiFi network.

Step 7: Click on “connect” option and type the password and press “OK” button to connect. Wait for it and you will be connected to your WiFi network. Also make sure that you have check the “connect automatically” option.

Step 8: Now all done, even after restart or shutdown, your computer will connect automatically to your WiFi connection.

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