Working Pokemon Go 0.57.4 Hack Joystick APK for Android, No Root Required

Pokemon Go for Android is updated, making it version 0.57.4. According to developers, this new update brings some performance improvements as well as bug fixes.

Working Pokemon Go Hack Joystick APK

Keeping the curiosity of Pokemon Go gamers, we have come up with hacked apk of this latest version which will allow you use joystick.

Pokemon Go 0.57.4 Hack

If you have been playing this game lately, you would be familiar with its gameplay. Since it is augmented reality based game, users are required to be mentally prepared. Playing Pokemon Go on Android device is very tough game as it require lot of travel.

Joystick Hack APK

Apart from travel, practice is also needed to throw the Pokeball at right angle. Only then you will be able to catch the Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Version 0.57.4 Changelog

This new version comes with performance improvements as well as bug fixes. Apart from that, no major change.

Joystick APK Hack for Pokemon Go 0.57.4

The are lot of cons of this game. If you play it in the original way, you will have to travel across roads to catch Pokemons which is very dangerous. Other than that, lot of walking and running will be required that will burn the calories.

How good it will be if you can catch all Pokemons without moving? Yes, it is possible. Thanks to Joystick for Pokemon Go 0.57.4 Android apk which does not require any root.

Earlier we shared about Fly GPS/Fake GPS location hack which is also good method to play the game. Incase you are facing issues, follow this tutorial to fix failed to detect location error.

Download Working Pokemon Go 0.57.4 Hack with Joystick APK, No Root Needed

If you want to enjoy all the perks of hacked Pokemon Go latest version 0.57.4 while at same time do not want to root your Android smartphone, you are at right place. We will guide you the right way to get Joystick APK for Pokemon Go 0.57.4 on your un-rooted Android phone or tablet. Before we proceed with steps, make sure:

  • Your Android device has at-least 60% battery charge remaining.
  • You have un-installed the previously installed Pokemon Go.

If you fulfill these pre-requirements, you can proceed with steps below:

  1. Download Pokemon Go 0.57.4 hacked APK.
  2. Download Joystick apk for Pokemon Go.
  3. Place both the apk files on your Windows desktop.
  4. Now connect your phone to your computer and transfer both the files.
  5. Use any file manager to install apps from apk.

That’s it. When the installation of both will be completed, you will see shortcut app icons on your screen. Launch Pokemon Go latest version hack from there to play it using Joystick on un-rooted Android device.

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