Download ZSight for PC in Windows 8/10


ZSight is an Android app that lets users record video and send snapshots to mobile phone from connected IP devices including web cameras.

ZSight for PC App


ZSight for PC – Live Video Surveillance from Anywhere

Nowadays security of homes major concern for lot of the people. If you have installed IP cameras for surveillance of your home, you must download and install ZSight for PC app.

In case you own Windows 8 or Windows 10 powered PC or laptop computer, you should installed the Windows version of ZSight. This will give you remote over-view of your home from anywhere.


How to Download ZSight for Windows 8/10

We recommend to install ZSight app for your Android device. It is because you will carry that along with you everywhere.

However, if you are a computer geek and have Windows 8 or Windows 10 installed on your laptop, you can install ZSight for PC app and have a live look of your IP camera look from anywhere.

ZSight for PC in Windows


Follow the tutorial below to download and install Zsight for PC on your computer:

  1. First of all download Bluestacks Android emulator for your Windows 8/10 laptop. We recommend installing the latest version of Bluestacks as it will be bug-free.
  2. When it is downloaded, install it by following the on-screen instructions.
  3. Search for “ZSight for PC” inside Bluestacks and install it.
  4. When installation is completed, ZSight for PC shortcut will be created in the Bluestacks app.
  5. Launch it from there.

How to Signup and Configure ZSight for PC

Now you will need to configure ZSight for PC app. For that, you first need to sign up for ZSight account on your Windows PC. After that, you will need to connect it with your live video IP or web surveillance cameras.

Let us know if you have any questions regarding configuration and installation of ZSight for Windows 8/10 app on your laptop or PC.

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