Guide To Enable Dark Theme in Google Keyboard That Consume Less Battery

For android users, the google has introduced a new update for its google keyboard which include a new and outstanding feature. The new feature helps in extending your smartphone battery as you On the power saver on OLED screen automatically enable the dark mode. You need to link it with power saver mode in smartphone. When you turn On power saver on your smartphone, the feature will automatically enable dark mode.

Guide To Unlock Bootloader & install TWRP Recovery & Root Xiaomi Redmi Y1 Through Simple Methods

Guide To Unlock bootloader & install twrp recovery & Root xiaomi Redmi Y1

Rooting your device allow to install Custom ROMs and many more. The craze of installing custom ROMs is getting high. Everyone want new features and customizations and want to update their phone to a new version. You can simply update your phone by installing custom ROM on your device. Thats why android is called open source as there is no border for any thing in android.

In this tutorial, we will guide you how to root your Xiaomi Redmi Y1 through simple methods.